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It is really challenging to find good pubs with fine wines in most places in the world. For some people, the best pub may be brew pub, for others, it is the place with the widest selection, the friendliest patrons or bartender. Therefore, whether you are a local, who wants to broaden the wine experience or a tourist in town for a few days and looking for a good wine, where you look for the pub is as important as the question you ask.

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Employ the Simple Thumb Rule

Good pubs are not located in obvious places like on the main thoroughfares or where a lot of tourists congregate. Good pubs with fine wines are, if not hidden, at least tucked away. Often, you need to go up at least one side street to the other. Actually, some are totally hidden, so try to make keen walk on the less busy streets and note the classy pubs available.

Doing Some Research

If you are committed to get the best out of a visit, you need to do some research on the pubs available in the area. Use pub guide books to help you find the pubs you would like to visit. Subscribe to magazines which cater for bar and pubs so that you can keep abreast of the latest trends in drinks, music and other attractions. Any advertisements for wines deals are normally a sign that the pub is not old. Make an informed decision by choosing the pub that will serve your interest.

Pubs to Avoid

Although, a lot has been said for judging a pub by its exterior, if you want to get an authentic pub experience it is best to avoid chain pubs. Do not ask anybody if they could recommend a nice pub. Try and avoid the obvious pubs right next to the major tourist attractions. These pubs are gaining a huge passing trade and are more concerned with customer volume than drink quality. Do not be fooled by old exteriors, some chain pubs are experts at trying to fool the public.

Pub Interior

As a rule for traditional pub experience, look for buildings with age and character. However, it is not always country cottage, thatched roof inns that are recommended. At times you might get a city centre pubs with an interior that have not changed for quite a long time. This will give you a sense of numerous pints that have been swilled down over the centuries.

Entertaining Activities

Good pubs should have a number of games and music to enjoy as you drink. Darts and pool are the most popular games in traditional pubs. Look for pubs with better entertaining activities that will allow you to enjoy drinking your wines.

A good pub is something that should not be missed by anyone who wants to enjoy the true experience of fine wine. Any of these good pubs will provide great evening or fine weekend lunch with good section of wines that are attributed to the value of your money.